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“The simplest and most effective teaching on making and using vision boards.”

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Proof That ‘Dream It. Pin It. Live It.’ Has ALREADY Dramatically Changed The Lives And Businesses Of People Around The World!

From: Terri Savelle Foy
Dallas, Texas


You have dreams and goals and I want to share with you the proven keys that will propel you to achieve them like never before!


I’ve had the privilege to help tens of thousands of people — from stay-at-home moms, Oscar-nominated actors, business executives, entrepreneurs, church leaders, and more.


You have a dream. God has more for you. Your life has a purpose.
These tips, strategies, tactics, and principles have helped others start businesses and charities, get books published, pay off debt, go on dream vacations…


Will you be next?

Inside Of This FREE book: A Few Of The Things That You’ll Discover…

  • Answers To How A Vision Board Works

  • Why Most People Don’t Get The Results They Desire (And How To Fix It)

  • The Most Important Thing To Do BEFORE Making A Vision Board

  • How To Make Your Vision Board

  • Misconceptions Of Vision Boards And Supernatural Powers

  • How To Incorporate Your Dreams And Goals

  • Whether You Should Have Multiple Vision Boards Or Just One

  • How Celebrities And Super Successful Have Used Vision Boards

The Tips And Tactics In Dream It. Pin It. Live It. Have Already Helped Countless People Around The World…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

Pam Winters

Leadership Team Development

“34-Acre Horse Farm Is A Dream Come True”

Pam had a dream, like so many little girls, to have a horse one day. While most girls grow out of the “phase” as the grow up, that wasn’t the case with Pam. Something was different . . . even as an adult, that desire to have a horse was still very much alive.
After spending time one day really thinking about what she wanted in life, she cut out pictures of 11 horses and placed them on her refrigerator to remind her everyday of her dream.
Even though other people said it was foolish and she should be focused on more important things, Pam wasn’t deterred. She discovered the power of keeping your vision and goals in front of you.
Fast forward to today . . . Pam enjoys her 34 acre horse farm filled with horses that happen to look just like the ones she posted on her refrigerator to see everyday.

Boots that inspire…

One day while shopping in Chicago, Michelle asked a high-end store about getting a pink soled cowboy boot. She was told they don’t make anything like that.
That day a dream was conceived to start her own custom line of pink accented cowboy boots.
Over the course of 8 years she was faced with hardships, setbacks, and disappointments, but Michelle refused to give up.
Although a skeptic at first about using vision boards, she began to implement the principles in Dream It. Pin It. Live It. after hearing Terri at a conference and her life changed.
She started where she was with no manufacturing experience, and recently released Texi Boots and is living what was once only a dream.

Michelle Manningham

Texi Boots

Cassie Fritzky

Mom Boss/Blogger

“Losing the weight was just the beginning”

Cassie felt stuck and stagnant in her life. After struggling with her weight for much of her life, she was determined to make a change.
Year after year, she would make New Year’s Resolutions, but it was never enough. After reading Terri’s book, Cassie took the extra step and made a vision board. Looking at it everyday was the constant reminder she needed to accomplish her goals.
The result: She achieved her fitness goal twice as fast as she planned. But little did she know, losing the weight was just the beginning of what God wanted to in her life.

I’ve tried using vision boards in the past without success. Savelle Foy explains step-by-step how to define desires, how to refine those desires into a set of clear and manageable goals, and how to transfer those goals into words and pictures onto a vision board….I just started a side business last week, something I wasn’t even dreaming about 6 weeks ago. I highly recommend this book.

– Gwen

Surprisingly inspirational! This is so much more than just a book about creating a vision board. It is a life changing tool that will impact every area of your life if you let it. – Karen

Over the past 12 years I have read just about every book on manifestation, vision boards and visualization. This book is by far the best. It fills in the blanks of the other books. There is a lot of substance to this book. The book quotes scripture as well as studies and research to back up the claims. Don’t think twice about getting the book. The only regret I have is that I wish I purchased the actual book instead of the kindle. This is a book you want to read and take notes. I would suggest getting the actual paper book.

– B. Miller

It’s a lot of fun! If you haven’t used a vision board before, this book lays out the whole process on how to turn your dreams into reality! – Michelle

As You Can See…

Dream It. Pin It. Live It. Has Already Helped Countless People Around The World…

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?

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