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Learn The Language Of Success

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Special Offer!  Order Now And We’ll Take 65% OFF The Total Value!

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YES! I want the Pep Talk Kit plus the limited time BONUS resources!

Order right now and save 65% AND you’ll get the complete Pep Talk Kit and BONUS resources with your Dream It. Pin It. Live It book… it includes the Pep Talk book, audio book, journal, Positive Declarations CD, The Power of Gratitude CD, mirror cling, PLUS the USB drive loaded with the 5-part audio resource AND Focus For Success teaching!

$247 value… Now Only:

1 Single Payment Of $87 Today!

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Don’t Miss This Special Limited-Time Offer!
Not Available Anywhere Else!


Discover how giving yourself a pep talk consistently and intentionally is key to achieving your dreams. Your words are powerful and the words you speak about yourself are even more powerful.


Discover what to say from God’s Word about your freedom, faith, finances, family, fitness, and your future dreams and goals. Use the sample declarations, including Terri’s personal daily pep talk, to unlock your potential and rise to new levels.


Discover how you can program your mind for success through positive declarations and become happier, healthier, and more productive today!


For a limited time, get the 6 BONUS audio messages (Can You Imagine, Clutter Clean-Out, The Power Of Now, You Get What You Ask For, How Bad Do You Want It, and Focus For Success) when you request the complete Pep Talk Kit today.


This $247 value is offered to you this one time for just one payment of $87 . . . shipping included (US only)![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

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